Holland Track – 2014

Ok so here goes, did this trip at the end of September in 2014 with my mate Davo and his missus Jess, there was supposed to be a few more people but as always is the way everyone started dropping out as the weekend got closer. Ah well, shit happens. So this was the first […]

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South West Trip 2012 – Part 2

Day 4 More D’entrecasteaux Like all other mornings the day starts with a coffee and some bacon and eggs. The guard/firewall copped a bit of loving with a mallet, hopefully it stops eating my tyres now!(it helped but didn’t stop it) Chunks Gave the beach another quick visit, had another look at the river mouth […]

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1992 HDJ80 Land Cruiser

The upgrade… to the same type of vehicle, just older, with more kilometers on the clock. Oh and it cost nearly twice as much as the original one. Logical right ? After 4 months of searching for a 95+ hdj80 auto I end up with a 92 hdj80 manual This thing appeared to be in mint condition. I had […]

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