Where it all started for me

Danny Green – The FZJ8o.

Well this is where it all started for me, a 1994 FZJ80 Land Cruiser

The paint was definitely not a highlight.

It was my first set of wheels and I was still on my L plates when I got it, was stock standard apart from the Bullbar. It had 205,000km’s on the clock and cost me $9,800AU back in 2007 which was quite a good price back then.

But there was a reason I got it cheap, the paint was knackered and there was a bit of rust in the roof courtesy of some cheap and nasty roof racks. The tyre’s were also well and truly past their used by date. Mechanically there was nothing wrong with it and the interior was also in pretty good condition.

Within a couple weeks of having the car I had installed a 2″lift consisting of Lovell’s coils and KYB Shocks, my old man is a mechanic and he sourced the for me for under $500. Also the stock head unit and speakers were replaced with a Pioneer Deck and some cheap Alpine 6 1/2″ Coax’s in the doors.

First trip to Wilbinga a week or two after getting my license. Already had the 2″Coils installed by then.


Somewhere over the next year or two the cruiser got:

 *A bonnet and roof respray

*A set of  3″ Coils – King Springs

*A set of 305/70r16 Cooper S/T Tyres

*A custom made Land Bruiser tailgate strip

* Spare Wheel Carrier

*Home made Storage Drawers

* GME UHF with RFI Antenna

Things where starting to take shape I was pretty happy with it and was doing a fair few trips in it, mainly up to the family shack at Wedge Island or up to Wilbinga and Moore River for overnight trips with mates, also did a few trips with the offroad80s.com forum. I will probably do a write up on a couple of the trips at some point if I can find enough pics, even if i do the quality will be terrible. Going over the build thread on offroad80s I saw some pics from trips I had completely forgotten about.

On the first dune looking back over Wedge in 2008
The old man has an 80 to – a 93 HZJ80 pov pac.
Looking a bit better than when I got it!
Custom Tailgate Strip I made
Mundaring Powerlines – Offroad80s trip 08
Mundaring again
Mundaring again

Some time late in 2008 the cheap shocks were starting to flog out, after looking around I realised it was only going to cost me a couple hundred dollars more to get a whole new kit so I roder a 3″”Flexy”Lift Consisting of Dobinson Flexy Coils, Superior Engineering swaybar extension brackets, EFS Extreme Shocks to suit 4″lift an some castor correction bushes. It sat 4″higher than stock with the HD springs and the ride was a bit harsh when unloaded but overall I was extremely impressed. Still running those shocks on the white cruiser today(6 years later)!

After that I fitted a set of Roo Light Spotlights got myself a home made drawer system for the back, a spare wheel carrier for the 33″spare and a GME TX3200 UHF with a RFi Antenna, after that  I drove the wheels off it for the next couple of years.

First trip out with the new suspension, obligatory poser shots.



Out the front of the shack up at Wedge.
Front end doing it’s thing. Not too bad really for stock arms.
Mundaring 2009
Harvey 2009


This one cost me a new exhaust.
Mmmmmm Clay!


And as reluctant as I am to admit it, even Land Cruiser’s get bogged – to date this is the only time ever I have needed assistance to get me out of the shit.

bogged5 bogged6 42973378-f5b9-4621-827a-a0f4fe09ec5e_zpsbe00bbbe



 Then around mid 2010  after doing 4 trips in 4 weeks the head gasket let go at the end of my street when I was on the way to work. Quite a common thing for the FZJ80’s when they get around the 250k Km mark. I got the head reconditioned with new hardened valves to suit the L.P.G. gas the car was running did the radiator, all heater hoses, fan clutch had been replaced around 6 months prior and I also got the injectors done too.

The cruiser was running better then ever on petrol but the L.P.G. was playing up, with prices rising and terrible fuel economy I either had to spend $500-$1000 on the L.P.G. system or get rid of it and revert back to the factory 50litre sub tank, I went with the latter. With the timing was advanced the car was only run on 98 octane fuel, it went better and would return 15l/100km on the highway on occasions and that was running my new 315/75r16  Pro Comp Xtreme M/T’s. Other than an ARB CKMA12 Compressor getting mounted under the bonnet that was pretty much it as far as mods went with that car.

I drove it for another 2 years and started doing some longer distance Overland type trips and decided I wanted better economy and some more power, to be honest I think i was just bred with the car after 5 years of ownership, I looked into diesel conversions but with the factory turbo Cruisers available in Australia it wasn’t really a viable option. I then considered an ls2 or l98 Chev V8 conversion but canned that idea due to marginal if any improvement in economy. I sometimes wish I went that option though.

Few pics from the trips we took camera’s too.



First Trip to Kalbarri – 700km’s each way – Was having cooling issues, the new fan clutch was knackered, never did buy another aftermarket fan clutch after that. That was a deluxe camp setup back then haha.

No overloaded at all….
Second Kalbarri Trip – bit better pic.
Had a bit better camp setup this time too, no more sleeping in the Cruiser.

I ended up putting the 35’s on the new Cruiser so the 4″lift looked a bit stupid with the 285’s and the car was cop bait so I put it back to standard height before I sold it. To this day I don”t know of anyone else who (A) Had their first car that long and (B) Sold it in better condition than I bought it.

These are the last pics I took before I sold it.

DSC02051 DSC02054 DSC02055 DSC02057 DSC02059 DSC02060




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