South West Trip – Dec 13 – Part 2

So I left the campsites at the inlet and drove to the carpark at Point Anne to put some air in the tyres after all the beach driving, the car took a few turns to fire up which is not normal at all for a 1hd-t, it also idled low, felt underpowered and was noticeably smokier on take off. I was starting to become a little bit superstitious. I had a feeling it was a fueling issue but really had no idea, so I looked under the bonnet to see if i could find anything amiss, couldn’t see any noticeable issues.

I went onto Hopetoun and gave the car a bit of a clean, I was heading onto Esperance that arvo, it’s a pretty big town the last thing I needed to do was get the coppers attention with a mudded up rig blowing shitloads of black smoke out of it’s rattly exhaust (oh yeah if I didn’t mention it in the first post I lost an exhaust mount on the corrugations somewhere earlier in the piece)

This day was stinking hot, hottest day Esperance has ever recorded in December actually (according to Weatherzone), the temp hit 45.3*C (113*f).

Other than the smoke on take off and the lack of power the cruiser performed like a champ that day, noticeably hotter on the TM2 but no where near cooking, there was a few cars and trucks on the side of the road with their bonnets up (hoods for you yanks lol), I used the opportunity to check the coolant and see if they needed any help but everyone had plenty of water and they were all locals so assistance was on the way.

Anyway, heading towards Esperance I was looking at my maps when I saw a couple of random offroad tracks leading down to the beach, regardless of the mechanical drama’s and soaring heat it had to be done. I put my Dora cap on started exploring haha

_DSC1412 _DSC1421 _DSC1430 _DSC1432

From memory the trackin to this spot was a bit boring and in the said heat with no aircon it was a bit painful at times but jeez was it worth it, after half an hour wishing i stayed on the highway I arrived at what i can only describe as my own private little paradise, I took bugger all pics whilst there but you get that, in hindsight I really just wish I put the engine drama’s out of my mind and just stayed put for the evening, instead of the hour i spent there but i will be back (hopefully in the next 4 weeks, got a Kalbarri trip to take care of first though, hard life eh)

_DSC1442 _DSC1441

I chilled for an hour or so whilst feeding the fish and having a sneaky bourbon or two. Still kicking myself for leaving that arvo, those Turkeys went down well! I marked that one in the GPS and headed on my way into town.

Once i checked in at the caravan park it was almost dusk( i was filthy and sweaty alright i needed a shower, don’t judge me! lol ) With the clouds hanging around i had a feeling it was going to be a cracker of a sunset so off i headed to a little lookout i found last time i was down here, it’s probably my favorite little spot in Esperance (well the touristy part in town anyway) and yes the photos are edited but not as much as you probably think, the sky was on fire that night.

_DSC1446  _DSC1447 _DSC1478_DSC1461 _DSC1525 _DSC1529

Called the old man the next day and asked for his thoughts on the whole car running like an old tractor issue. He said it sounded like an air leak in the fuel system, I checked all the injectors, injectors pipes, pump and all hoses I could see running to it, tightened a few loose clamps and thought i might have found the issue, primed it up and it felt good but the issue was still there (found out after the trip it was a pinhole leak in the water sensor on the bottom of the fuel filter, while pumping the primer you could see a small squirt of diesel coming out)


I headed on to Cape Le Grand Np, was going to do the beach run there but didn’t in the end, t hindsight i really should have, anyway I got there checked out the beach, even though it was the kies were overcast and it was blowing a gale I headed up the beach to see if it was worth fishing, nope. I did see a brumby though, first one ever actually and on a beach of all places.

_DSC1539 _DSC1541

Then my day turned to shit, the car decided it was time to push all the coolant out about 10km’s down the beach, now this wasn’t really anything new for this trip, i am fairly resigned to the fact that i have a blown head gasket or cracked head, I got over that on the first day, the issue was that i was not pushing the car at all when it did it this time, I was just cruising up the beach, essentially it was the straw that broke the camels back, I had planned on making Israelite Bay and beyond but i had lost any faith i had left in the reliability of the cruiser in it’s current state, I made the decision then and there i was not going beyond the NP that day, or on this trip. It was time to start heading home.

The scene of the shittness, note blown tail light too, yew! another item to add to the list.


Rest of the park that i went to, this place is almost indescribable when the weather is nice, which is more often than not at this time of the year i just got the worst week of the year down there. Even in this shitty gloominess you can still see how blue and clean that water is. Kangaroo’s just chill on the beach here, doesn’t really happen anywhere else in Aus.

Hellfire bay_DSC1566 _DSC1573

Lucky bay_DSC1587_DSC1601 _DSC1609

Of Course there is no way i was driving straight home, i was hoping the weather might have cleared up back bremer ways so i headed back to the inlet for 2 days of what turned out to be shithouse weather, I did get the chance read a couple of books (unheard of) and also make up for the lack of refreshments earlier in the trip 😉

Didn’t even throw a line in the southerly was howling, would have been casting into my own face. Thankfully the campsite was very sheltered, barely noticed the wind at all.

_DSC1621 _DSC1624 _DSC1625 _DSC1654 _DSC1640 _DSC1658 _DSC1671 _DSC1680

After the two days of relaxing I decided it was time to head on home, ended up at Black Point though haha

_DSC1693 _DSC1703 _DSC1705 _DSC1708 _DSC1710

Last time I was here we couldn’t NOT bring a herring in, this time I put half a ton of burley and enough fish oil to cause a slick this big, it wasn’t noticeable at ground level but once i got up top…. I felt like a dickhead, an empty handed one at that lol_DSC1715 _DSC1711 _DSC1720

and that’s it, i went home that arvo, cruiser ended up copping a full engine rebuild and now I am back amongst it again, got a few more older trips i want to post up here eventually butt for now bring on kalbarri on friday!


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