South West Trip 2012 – Part 2

Day 4 More D’entrecasteaux

Like all other mornings the day starts with a coffee and some bacon and eggs. The guard/firewall copped a bit of loving with a mallet, hopefully it stops eating my tyres now!(it helped but didn’t stop it)


Gave the beach another quick visit, had another look at the river mouth – checked me dacks – yep I still had a mangina so gave it a miss and was back out onto the tracks to try and get over the the Warren side. This morning was like almost all others on the trip, started out extremely gloomy but the weather cleared up by about 10am.

DSC01072 DSC01081 DSC01088

After a few gravel roads I was back into the soft stuff and into some pretty big dunes, Callcup Hill is around here somewhere but I’m not even sure if I did it. Certainly didn’t see any signage but I did drive every big dune I could find, including one that was ridiculously long, not steep just very long – I think that may be the one everyone goes on about. (Hindsight is a beautiful thing, I wrote this back in 2012, it was most definitely Calcup hill.)

Top of the big dune- pretty sure it is Callcup hill but could be wrong
DSC01092 DSC01091

Today was also the first time I saw a snake on the trip, actually surprised at the lack of the little buggers considering the amount of bush around.

Snakey – think it’s a Dugite.

This was my most uneventful/lazy day by far the plan was to crossover to the Warren River/Beach side of D’entrecasteaux explore during the day and fish in the early arvo right through till night, I found a nice little clearing 20m off the beach and everything went to plan until the weather hit, dejected I headed back to camp got drunk and ate meat.

Warren Beach – before the weather came
DSC01094     DSC01101 DSC01098   DSC01102DSC01099
Warren river Inlet (I think)

Day 5:

My day started at 3:50am. I was woken up by the light strip on the awning slapping up against the door on my cruiser, seems the double sided tape holding it on didn’t like all the rain and wind overnight. Once I’m up – I’m up. So I started packing up straight away, back on to the tracks.. I had to wait an eternity for my tyres to air up (dying compressor)

Airing Up at dawn – dunno why but I really like these pics.


I hit the highway headed for Walpole, grabbed a feed and had a look around.

Called in at a place called Conspicuous Beach – could have spent the whole day there

Awesome views from the lookout


Just as good at ground level


Neat 60 in the carpark, the pics don’t do it justice this thing must have been restored as it looked like it had just rolled off the showroom floor.

I found a place called Peaceful Bay just out of Walpole but did not find much of interest in the town itself, must not have been looking hard enough as a good mate of mine reckons the beaches around there are amazing.

Peaceful Bay
DSC01153 DSC01160

From Peaceful Bay I headed on to Albany and filled the tanks and restocked on meat and grog then I started heading towards Bremmer Bay and the Fitzgerald NP, but I was told to call in to a place called Cheynes Beach so I called past and found it to be one of the hidden gems of the South West, well I certainly had not heard of it anyway.
I get on the beach and it’s rock hard and made the strangest sound when you hit a little soft patch, was a howling, squelching sort of sound, scared the shit out of me initially, anyway the beach was amazing, by far the nicest I had been on in the trip and possibly in my life.

Cheynes Beach
DSC01165 DSC01166 DSC01171DSC01169 DSC01172  DSC01173
Waychinicup Inlet – I wanted to camp here, but I wanted a shower more.

DSC01175 DSC01178 DSC01180

Couple Roos in the Caravan Park
DSC01188 IMG_20121219_074810

So after 4 days without a shower, and no camping signs left right and centre I decided to book a spot in the local caravan park. Jeez that shower was good.

To be continued…..


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