South West 2012 – Part 3

Day 6 – Bremer Bay

My plan for today was to call past Bremer Bay and head on to the Fitzgerald NP, given that fires had torn through the area in the month leading up to my trip I wasn’t expecting it to be one of the highlights of my trip but I was very wrong and i only breezed over it too, I got to check out alot more of the surrounding areas on my trip in 2013.

So first thing in the morning I head back to Cheynes Beach, found a gutter close in the shore so I threw a few lures out with the little flick rod, came away empty handed again, took a few more pics and hit the road.

Few more poser shots at Cheynes

DSC01193 DSC01196 DSC01194

On the way to Bremer Bay I took a turn off between Oakdale and Miranup to a place called Reef beach, went down an extremely average track (overgrown and very rocky, not hard just tedious) and found what I reckon would be an awesome fishing spot, I didn’t have time to hang around but I reckon I will be paying it a visit again. Also for anyone considering going, turns out there is 2 entries, take the Eastern one!
DSC01198 DSC01203 DSC01210 DSC01212 DSC01215 DSC01216

I then went on to a place called Dillon Bay , Awesome spot, if it was later in the day I would have stayed there for sure, but I had ground to cover, definitely spending a weekend or two down here in the future!

DSC01224 DSC01226 DSC01230 DSC01231

From there it was on to Bremmer Bay

DSC01232 DSC01234 DSC01235

DSC01251 DSC01256 DSC01258

Day 7

Mount Barren, Point Anne
Weirdest looking plant I have ever seen – Fitzgerald River National Park       DSC01277
That moment when you have been driving for ages and you come around a bend and see the ocean…DSC01279
Not what I wanted to see…

Point Anne is an awesome spot, good campsites too.DSC01282

 DSC01285  DSC01287

Lots of driving that day, didn’t get time for pics, good start to the day but lots of wasted time checking out dud spots in the arvo, had to actually use low range on one track haha would have been fun if I wasn’t in such rush and only running 1/4 of a sub tank.

Esperance wish I had more time there.

DSC01301 DSC01300 DSC01299 DSC01308 DSC01318 DSC01319

Lucky Bay

DSC01334  DSC01341   DSC01336 DSC01340

Back in Esperance for the last night of the trip before the big drive back in time for Christmas.


DSC01384    DSC01378DSC01380  DSC01362 DSC01357  DSC01351

and that’s it, hope you liked it.


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